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James J. Benes & Associates

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James J. Benes & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the planning, preliminary and final design, contract document preparation, construction management and maintenance of drainage improvements. We are pre-qualified by the Illinois Department of Transportation and we have a first hand working knowledge of the latest federal, state and county policies and procedures related to storm sewers, stormwater detention and retention ponds, and other drainage improvements.

In addition to our expertise in the planning, design and construction of drainage improvements, members of our staff are also experienced in the preparation of detailed drainage studies and the performance of stormwater management reviews for both the public and private sector clients. We provide a full array of stormwater engineering services in the following areas:

Stormwater Management

Storm Sewers

Detention and
Retention Facilities

Soil Erosion and
Sedimentation Control

Drainage Studies
Flood Plain Studies
and FEMA Map
Revision Applications
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
Native Landscaping
Best Management Practices
Inspections & Reporting


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